Concrete Makeovers is a small Canberra-based concreting business providing the Canberra region with specialist concreting services for home and business owners.

We offer four concreting services to the Canberra community and surrounding areas:

Our aim is to provide you with a well-constructed quality job at a reasonable price. We want to help you to make your home look the best it has ever been and we love seeing your face light up at the effects that we create in your garden. We love a satisfied customer.

How we do business

  • We’re professionals, we turn up when we say we’ll turn up
  • We’re reliable, honest and we deliver what we promise
  • We’re upfront, we don’t beat about the bush and if we can’t do the job for whatever reason then we’ll tell you and suggest an alternative supplier
  • We use quality, proven products and our prices are reasonable and all of our quotes are free
  • We’re flexible and we’ll work with you to ensure that our work fits in with your schedules (wherever possible).

The Team

Phil Page and Todd Royal

Phil and Todd joined forces back in 2003 to form Concrete Makeovers. At the time they were using Kwik Kerb as a way to supplement their income from their regular jobs. It quickly became apparent that there was enough work around to keep them both employed full time.
They decided to take the plunge and make concreting a full-time career. They gave away their other jobs and undertook further training in concreting and have never looked back.