About Kwik Kerb

Kwik Kerb has been around in the Australian landscaping industry for over 25-years. It is a highly regarded continuous decorative extruded concrete edging used for home and business landscaping applications.

Like the name suggests, installing Kwik Kerb is quick, with most home garden projects completed within a single day. The edging can be finished off using a range of natural colours and ten different hand finished textures that mimic slate or wood grain.

Using Kwik Kerb for your next project can add prestige, visual appeal and value to your property. The final product is long lasting, very strong and older applications can even be refreshed to bring them back to their original look.

We offer three profiles that are suited for the home setting and three that are better suited to business or commercial settings due to their height.

Kwik Kerb for the Home

These profiles are 90mm high and all have a base width of 175mm for good stability. Using the Kwik Kerb Edgemaster concrete kerbing machine, we can provide you with three different edging profiles to suit your landscaping needs. We install:

Mowing strips

Make your mowing easier with clearly defined edges that separate lawns and garden beds. Mowing strips are perfect for getting rid of those tricky tight corners where you may have struggled to mow properly.

Sloping borders

These border edges are great for keeping garden beds from encroaching onto driveways or paths. Sloping borders are an ideal finish for your paved areas; locking in the edge pavers and preventing them from becoming loose over time.

Border edges

This flat-topped edging is ideal for clearly defining your driveway or paths. It can also help to keep your garden contained by keeping your mulch in your garden beds and not over paths or the driveway.

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Kwik Kerb for Larger Business Landscaping Applications

At 150mm, these profiles are higher than the home sized products, but retain the same 175mm wide base for stability. We can provide and install three profiles:

Hi-Profile Border

This is a great perimeter edge and is ideal for car parks. It can be used effectively to separate pedestrians from vehicular movements.

Car Park or Wheel Blocks

This profile is also best suited for car park situations where you may want to provide a wheel stop to prevent vehicles from backing into walls or other stationary objects like poles or exposed piping.

Lane Divider

This profile provides a very effective but simple way of separating or directing traffic flow in small car parks. Lane dividers have slightly sloping edges with a flat top.

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